Monday, June 7, 2010


Ok - So I have been on vacation enjoying the beautiful Napa Valley and the amazing beaches of Northern California. Yes, the sun is out there it just seems to be hiding from all of us here in Utah.

The month of May slipped right on by so I had better get you up to speed on me and Liqua Vie! I have never felt better and I crave the drink every morning. A couple of years ago I started taking Phentermine and lost 50 lbs. it was awesome - I was thin for a year and a half but about 3 months ago I started gaining again, with no change to my diet or exercise routine???? That is when Shalana introduced me to Liqua Vie - I felt the energy rush and had no appetite just like the Phentermine and guess what - NO HEALTH RISK with this one! I fit back into my BIKINI after one month on Liqua Vie! So there you have it - I give this one an 11 on a scale from 1 to 10. I am sold and I have been sharing it with everyone. While in California we met some amazing people and two of them are on the drink and loving it - one has diabetes and after two days she called and said she was up and bouncing around which she hasn't felt like doing for a couple of years. So take it from me a Phentermine addict - Liqua Vie is the new amazing healthy weight loss - feel good - get up off your butt drink. Try some for yourself and see!

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