Monday, June 7, 2010

Here's a little Summer scene for you to enjoy straight from California
Ghirardelli Square
No Way - Found The Tinman in California!


Ok - So I have been on vacation enjoying the beautiful Napa Valley and the amazing beaches of Northern California. Yes, the sun is out there it just seems to be hiding from all of us here in Utah.

The month of May slipped right on by so I had better get you up to speed on me and Liqua Vie! I have never felt better and I crave the drink every morning. A couple of years ago I started taking Phentermine and lost 50 lbs. it was awesome - I was thin for a year and a half but about 3 months ago I started gaining again, with no change to my diet or exercise routine???? That is when Shalana introduced me to Liqua Vie - I felt the energy rush and had no appetite just like the Phentermine and guess what - NO HEALTH RISK with this one! I fit back into my BIKINI after one month on Liqua Vie! So there you have it - I give this one an 11 on a scale from 1 to 10. I am sold and I have been sharing it with everyone. While in California we met some amazing people and two of them are on the drink and loving it - one has diabetes and after two days she called and said she was up and bouncing around which she hasn't felt like doing for a couple of years. So take it from me a Phentermine addict - Liqua Vie is the new amazing healthy weight loss - feel good - get up off your butt drink. Try some for yourself and see!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We are not going down that RABBIT HOLE again!!!

This month we will recap our adventure in "OZ" and then spend some time with Alice---in Wonderland, and let you all go inside the world of Julie and me, 1st taking that one pill that makes you smaller and then you go off of it and what, you get larger? We will explain, which puts us on our theme for the month,"We are not going down that RABBIT HOLE again." We have gained alot of insight and YES we want to share. Also we have many people we want you to meet, we are a bit behind on our "FRIDAY FRIEND" but catch up is our favorite game---so let the games begin!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Scarecrow,The Tinman,The Lion

How often have you started the day wishing you had not only a Brain, but the Heart and the Courage to carry on? Julie and I get it, your the only one that can bring it on. If you recall the Scarecrow the Tinman and the Lion had what each needed all along, they just had to have a little experience to help them see themselves more clearly! Is that not all of our story, Julie and I know to carry on, you need to find your hidden genious. This could be as simple or as complicated as you like, as the 3 characters in the Wizard of OZ experienced, they needed a little help from a friend. I think friends are amazing gifts in our lives to help us see more clearly who and what we really are. Last fall I thought I had lost my brain for starters, and then my heart, which is really what helps us make great decisions , and then to top it off my courage to just turn it all around. Thank HEAVENS for friends who share their wealth of experience, I am back with all the Brain,Heart and Courage I need to carry on. Remember the slow and steady plan, do not look for the quick fix, it is not the remedy. Take a look at the website posted for the LIQUA-VIE drink, I have been on it for 6 months , it is a simple plan of one stick a day in water. I have personally felt the results of a slow and steady increase in strength, brain waves, less stress and anxiety,{you know that weird monkey on your back feeling..oh so gone} and my food choices are much improved,due to a better balance in blood sugar. Go to the website and read for yourself, use the code we have posted if you want to order. I say once again thank HEAVENS a friend shared with me, I happily pass the gift to you ! Remember we have tried it all and now we are going in the right direction, seeking truth, and sharing it with you!!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sorry you haven't heard from me for about a week the wicked witch had me captive in her castle cleaning!!! It was ok though - I cleaned my castle and had run out of things to clean anyway. My energy doesn't seem to run out and I really thought that I would have hit a wall by now but my body still feels great and my mind seems to be running on something with high octane and I don't believe it came from Chevron.

So thanks to the good witch (Shalana) for sharing her oil can of Liqua Vie with me, because I really was feeling like the tin man - rusty and squeaky.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I love this quote from the Melinda Gates Foundation,"If you want to go fast go alone! If you want to go far go with others." Who are these "others" we need to go with? Remember the Flying Monkeys, now they could take you far real fast, but as you recall they took Dorothy into captivity, we all have those things that take us to the Witches Castle, and hold us captive! Julie and I know this all to well, when we tell you we have tried it all, we are not kidding, when it comes to the road of wellness, oh yea.... We have read up on natural foods, juicing, purifying,steaming,the benefits of raw-foods,the great affects of walking, running[that is definitely for Julie],wellness in all its variety,energy, more energy, meditation, etc etc... I think we all pretty much know whats really good for us, whats bad for us , who is good for us, and who is bad for us, and really how far you will go to get what you want. I believe when that Bad Witch stands before you and demands the Ruby Slippers, you already know why you are keeping them on your feet! So I think we all know who the "OTHERS" are in our life, that will help us go far. Julie and I do, and we want to introduce them to you, so each week on friday we will post our "FRIDAY FRIEND"!!!! Those people whe help us put one foot in front of the other and move forward, SLOW & STEADY, I don't care if its just getting up in the morning, being overwhelmed,discouraged,lack of ambition,being displaced, poor self-image, just plain lack of energy, we have family and friends that help us see the yellow brick road more yellow, and help us to walk in those ruby slippers more balanced, slow and steady... Julie and I are "Finding the Love", we welcome you to join us, it will be FUN, because you know what, YOU are suppose to Love Life, is that not what Dorothy learned? There's no place like home, with good friends and family.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cleaned the garage today and moved fifteen sheets of plywood to the basement by myself! I think I found my courage!!! The sheets have been waiting to go to the basement for about a year now. I did it and the garage is CLEAN!

It is so exciting to have energy again and actually accomplish more than one thing in a day. My year long list of things to do might actually be checked off by June!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I feel like I have finally stepped out of the poppy field that I have been in for the last few years - so tired that I didn't want to get out of bed. I am now skipping down the yellow brick road with a bounce in my skip! I noticed today that I don't yell as much at my kids. I don't feel as stressed as I usually do and I actually jumped on the trampoline with the kids and completely ignored the house, garage, laundry - everything! I actually ditched the list and enjoyed my kids.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It is day four on Liqua Vie and I feel amazing! My body and brain actually want to get out of bed in the morning. (early morning - like 6:30 a.m.) This is huge considering my twins are off track and I usually sleep till 10 or 11!!! I have noticed that I don't have much of an appetite - especially for the sweet treats. ( made banana cookies today and didn't even want one!) When I do get hungry only the healthy stuff sounds good like fruits and veggies.

In the afternoon around 2:30 or 3:00 I don't even seem to yawn - let alone want a nap. This is a biggy - as you may have noticed in the video I seem to get a little groggy and want a nap so bad I could cry. The second day I was a little tired so I mixed up another packet that afternoon and it did the trick.

I don't seem to run around in circles all day anymore - I feel focused and excited for the day!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's a twister

Sometimes it's the unusual circumstance that gets you onto your path ! Dorothy met with a tornado that landed her on "The Yellow Brick Road" and it was suggested to her she start at the beginning. May 1st started Julie and I on an adventure to blog and to share the human experience of 2 somewhat normal middle class women, one in her 40's and the other, me in my 50's, living life in hometown America. We both have some interesting stories, know some really interesting people and live everyday, waking up, taking care of a home, children, husbands, pets, a yard, & we have extended family and friends that we try to balance into the mix!!! Both of us have made career attempts to help aid in the household income, some good, some bad, and in the midst of it all, here we are --- women trying to be the best we can be, a quick look in the mirror reminds us that nobody wants a witch for a mom, so we try to keep from becoming scale tippers and of course we want to be healthy {we both have had near death experiences but did not go to the white light}. So... our quest is to "Carry On," constantly improving... which leads to some interesting human experiments which we have willingly cast ourselves into and now are willing to share... join us this week , talking about our flying monkeys, our fields of poppy's , the ruby slippers, the good witch and the bad witch, the land of oz, the scarecrow, the tinman, the lion, the wizard and toto too....Come join us on "Our Yellow Brick Road". Julie is on my magic drink, Liqua-Vie, we will be blogging the results>>>>

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We are a group of people who have tried it all!
The right pill - the right workout - the right energy drink - the right diet.
Some have worked for awhile - some not at all - some with side effects - some that
tasted horrible - some that costs more than the birth of your first child.

We want to find something that will help us feel good - look good - give us energy and maybe suprise us by helping us lose some extra weight. Is there something out there that can do this?

Join us on our quest for the magic formula - and no we are not
trying another MLM.
(been there done that!)