Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Scarecrow,The Tinman,The Lion

How often have you started the day wishing you had not only a Brain, but the Heart and the Courage to carry on? Julie and I get it, your the only one that can bring it on. If you recall the Scarecrow the Tinman and the Lion had what each needed all along, they just had to have a little experience to help them see themselves more clearly! Is that not all of our story, Julie and I know to carry on, you need to find your hidden genious. This could be as simple or as complicated as you like, as the 3 characters in the Wizard of OZ experienced, they needed a little help from a friend. I think friends are amazing gifts in our lives to help us see more clearly who and what we really are. Last fall I thought I had lost my brain for starters, and then my heart, which is really what helps us make great decisions , and then to top it off my courage to just turn it all around. Thank HEAVENS for friends who share their wealth of experience, I am back with all the Brain,Heart and Courage I need to carry on. Remember the slow and steady plan, do not look for the quick fix, it is not the remedy. Take a look at the website posted for the LIQUA-VIE drink, I have been on it for 6 months , it is a simple plan of one stick a day in water. I have personally felt the results of a slow and steady increase in strength, brain waves, less stress and anxiety,{you know that weird monkey on your back feeling..oh so gone} and my food choices are much improved,due to a better balance in blood sugar. Go to the website and read for yourself, use the code we have posted if you want to order. I say once again thank HEAVENS a friend shared with me, I happily pass the gift to you ! Remember we have tried it all and now we are going in the right direction, seeking truth, and sharing it with you!!!!!

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  1. i absoulutely lvoe you two! i can't stop laughing at the first video posted on here! I watched it with Shalana prob 10 times and i have watched it 10 times since then and laugh so hard! you guys have the funnest relationship! i am so glad that neither of you are feeling like the rusty tin man anymore! love ya! and look forward to your future videos!